Configure mergetool for git – kdiff3

Download kdiff3 Official site Run the commands in git: git config –global merge.tool kdiff3 git config –global mergetool.kdiff3.path “C:/Program Files/KDiff3/kdiff3.exe” git config –global mergetool.kdiff3.trustExitCode false git config –global diff.guitool kdiff3 git config –global difftool.kdiff3.path “C:/Program Files/KDiff3/kdiff3.exe” git config –global difftool.kdiff3.trustExitCode false

ASP.NET MVC – Custom CheckBox as Solution of “String was not recognized as a valid Boolean”

  In case when you use Html.CheckBox(“IsNew”) the MVC render the html: <input checked="checked" id="IsNew" name="IsNew" type="checkbox" value="true" /> <input name="IsNew" type="hidden" value="false" /> You can notice that there are two input element with identical name. Internet browsers does not send any value for checkbox if it is not checked. It is the reason why […]

How to install WindowsService?

  To install WindowsService you can use the follow ‘bat’ code: @ECHO OFF REM The following directory is for .NET 2.0 set DOTNETFOLDER=%SystemRoot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727 set PATH=%PATH%;%DOTNETFOLDER% echo Installing your Service… echo ————————————————— InstallUtil /i ServiceFile.exe echo ————————————————— echo Done. You have to create the .bat file and locate it in your application folder. the “ServiceFile.exe” you […]

Custom list giving fill in Xaml – WPF

Recently time I wanted to create UserControl with list property. What’s more I wanted to have possibility add elements in Xaml. It is the solution snippet code:   public List<SchoolTypeEnum> Types { get { return (List<SchoolTypeEnum>)(GetValue(SchoolChooser.TypesProperty)); } }   public static List<SchoolTypeEnum> GetTypes(DependencyObject obj) { return (List<SchoolTypeEnum>)obj.GetValue(TypesProperty); } public static void SetTypes(DependencyObject obj, List<SchoolTypeEnum> value) […]